Browned butter and parmesan pasta (Bento #316)


I woke up this morning realizing that I had nothing for lunch. No leftovers, no sandwich fixings, nothing. The only thing I could find to cook was some pasta and of course I had nothing to go with it...

Until I remembered the awesome parmesan cheese I had stashed in the fridge :) I tossed the noodles with browned butter, onions, garlic, and a ton of parmesan and cracked pepper. It’s simple, unbelievably delicious, decadent, and extremely bad for me.... lol. To counteract all of that buttery, cheesey, carby goodness I filled the rest of the box with fruits (blood orange, cherries, strawberries), vegees (broccoli, sugar snaps, daikon radish), and some more homemade pickles.

Happy Bento-ing!

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