Exploring India (Bento #203)

I’ve cooked a ton of Chinese and Japanese inspired foods and I’m pretty familiar with most of the ingredients and techniques. I decided it was time to expand my culinary adventures and try out making some Indian dishes.

I blame it all on Natakiya from Bento Anarchy! She makes some of the most delicious looking curry. I was always intimidated and didn’t know where to even begin with curry but she kindly posted her instructions for us and I’ve managed to make some pretty decent curry, if I do say so myself. ;)

I’m still not to the point where I want to attempt making any Indian inspired sauces on my own. I like to get very familiar with the taste “as it should be” before I go changing things and attempting my own version. For dinner last night, and today’s bento, I made a dish using a jar of Calcutta Masala. Oooooohhhhh myyyyyyyy! It was delicious!

I sauteed chicken pieces, onions, and carrots until they were about 3/4 of the way done. Then I threw in zucchini, and roughly chopped cauliflower. I meant to add chickpeas but totally forgot them at the last minute (they’re still sitting on the counter, lol). I tossed everything around a bit then poured the jar of masala on top and let it all simmer until cooked but with the vegees still a little crunchy. We ate it with a side of cous-cous and it was wonderful.

I don’t know what my next India inspired adventure will be but I’m looking forward to it! What are your favorite Indian dishes? Any suggestions for must-try foods?

Happy Bento-ing!
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