Sammy roll-up (Bento #82)

This weekend was so busy! We drove 6 hours Saturday morning to make it to our family reunion at noon, went to the reunion, hung out with family, then drove 6 hours back home on Sunday. What a trip! I took a few photos of the feast but haven’t downloaded them all yet, so I’ll post them next time, the food was fantastic as always!

When we finally got home I realized that we didn’t have any food in the house so I had to make a grocery run. Needless to say, I was not going to cook. So we ate Publix subs for dinner and I put this sammy roll-up bento together for D.

The roll-ups are made with a pesto wrap, ham, Muenster cheese, and lettuce. He also has a little salad and I packed him a peeled orange as well.

After this crazy busy weekend, D starts to leave to go to work (at 5:30AM) and guess what? ........ his car won’t start. :( I can’t think of a better way to start a Monday. Arggg!! So he takes my car and I plan on getting his fixed then going to school. Of course I then remember that we are having a lab safety inspection at 9:30AM and I don’t have time to get it fixed. I ended up having to walk to school and got all hot and sweaty. :(

I did treat myself to a Smoothie King breakfast though, since I had to walk right past it ;)

I hope all of your Monday’s are starting out better than mine!

I added a Stinker kitty picture to make myself smile. :) After I took this photo I realized that she had bad eye crusties so I wiped them off for her and she didn’t even fight me. So sweet. This pic makes me want to walk all the way back home! Lol!

Added this bento to What’s For Lunch Wednesday!

Happy Bento-ing!
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