Takoyaki! Takoyaki! Takoyaki!

Takoyaki is one of those Japanese foods that’s impossible for me to find locally. When I say impossible, I mean impossible. It just doesn’t exist here. Sigh. I began to get a little obsessed with takoyaki. I watched dozens of takoyaki videos on Youtube, searched for takoyaki makers online, read countless recipes, etc.

Finally, when my birthday came around I ordered myself an electric takoyaki maker! I ordered the takoyaki maker from Jlist and ran to the mailbox every day in anticipation. Then... it came! I also ordered 2 bags of takoyaki mix. I know, everything tastes better homemade but since I haven’t had the real thing before, I figured the mix would be pretty close. After trying the mix, I’ll venture out on my own.


Unfortunately I couldn’t find any octopus, so I had to substitute with shrimp pieces. I also used green onions, chopped ginger, and rice krispies for the filling. Just FYI, one bag of mix made 2 batches of 18 takoyaki.


I was afraid that they would be hard to make, but I think all of that obsessive video watching paid off, because it actually wasn’t hard to do. Videos always cut out the boring parts so I was a little surprised at how long they took to cook. I rushed through adding the fillings in the first batch because I was so afraid they would burn. In reality, you have tons of time and there’s no need to rush.


I tried to keep the toppings as authentic as possible too. I drizzled them with Bull Dog sauce, mayo, katsuobushi, and shredded nori. I haven’t had the chance to put them in a bento yet, but don’t worry, it’s coming!

So, how did they turn out??? Great! The outside was nice and brown and crispy and I could taste all of the fillings. They’re actually quite chewy. A good bit chewier than I was expecting. They almost have the texture of butter mochi.

I also learned a lot from my first batch. Most importantly, make sure the shrimp is dry, dry, dry! Lol! They were too moist on the inside from all of the liquid the shrimp gave off. I’d also like more green onions and crispy bits in the batter. I can’t wait for my next batch! I’m thinking of also making a non-seafood version and using spicy chorizo sausage bits.

Happy Bento-ing!

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