First snack (Bento #92.5)

Operation Booty Shrink is in effect! The mission has 1 goal and 3 ways to achieve it:
1) Making simple substitutions in my food (ie. exchanging white rice for brown, using avocado in place of mayo, ...).
2) Bringing an afternoon snack so that I don’t starve then gorge.
3) This is the most important...... GET MOVING!

This is my snack bento for today. I didn’t have enough vegees in the fridge to fill the whole thing, so I made brown rice. It also contains an ume, green olives, cherry tomatoes, and cherries.

I’m using the smallest of the LunchBots, the nano, to be my snack bento, it’s so cute!

Today, I will not starve then snack myself to death! I also did a little bit of exercising this morning by playing on the Wii Fit. I can’t bear to bring myself to a gym at 6AM so the Wii Fit will have to do for now. I actually built up a sweat though, so it had to do some good.

Happy Bento-ing!