Omurice bento (Bento #320)


It’s been a long time since I’ve had omurice but I ran into Cooking With Dog’s omurice video and guess what happened next? My ketchup bottle went a bit crazy on the top, lol, but it tastes wonderful.

In my Lunchbots Eco: omurice, tomato and snow pea salad, cheese, radish, cucumbers, blueberries, and strawberries.

In the meantime, in the bento store...

food cup sale_edited-1

Happy Bento-ing!


My first omurice bento (Bento #233)

I know this bento doesn’t look like much but I’m so proud because it’s my first omurice dish! Omurice is an omelet wrapped chicken-rice dish. I used the instructions from Cooking With Dog and though my omelet skills aren’t even close to hers, it still tasted fantastic.

I’m heading over to California at the end of February to go to the Biophysical Society Meeting and I need some must-do’s and must-eat’s in San Diego. I’m staying in the Gaslamp quarter to be close to the convention center. Any recommendations for food or fun things to do in the evenings?

Happy Bento-ing!