Sakura bento (Bento #334)


My bento postings have been few and far in between lately. It seems to be the rule of life that everything happens at once. So I’m trying my best to get one thing done at a time and not go into total panic mode, lol. But, that means less bentos :( Sigh. But on the bright side, it’s sakura season!!! Unfortunately we don’e have any sakura in Florida, at least not where I live, so I have to make my own!

In the sakura bento: salted sakura onigiri wrapped in a preserved sakura leaf, sakura shaped carrots, soy beans, tamagoyaki, strawberries, and a tomato. An of course, I couldn’t resist using these new silicone sakura baran!! They’re my new favorite bento accessory :)

In bento shop news, I just uploaded 4 new silicone baran, including the sakura one above and two new adorable snack bentos.

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Sakura onigiri (Bento #282)

This last spring I became a little obsessed with sakura (cherry blossoms). I was looking at everything sakura related on the internet. From papers, to cell phone charms, to photos, to food! My sakura viewing quickly turned into an obsession with pickled sakura leaves and blossoms. I wanted them so bad. I had to have some!

Makiko Itoh didn’t make my obsession any easier to bear with her article on sakura either. It’s a wonderful piece, you should go read it, and it only fueled my sakura dreams.

Guess what? I finally, after months, got so lucky and Shirley of Little Miss Onigiri posted a Facebook link to Anything From Japan and they sell both the leaves and blossoms. This was my first time ordering from them and I was very impressed with how quickly my package arrived. Everything was exactly as stated and arrived in perfect condition!


My first foray into the world of eating sakura had to be a bento. ^_^ Hellllllloooooo sakura ongiri! Both onigiri are wrapped with a preserved sakura leaf and topped with a preserved sakura blossom. Oh my. I’m in love. The blossoms are packed in salt, so the flavor is quite intense (you can rinse some of the salt of if you want, but I like it) and they taste like a cherry blossom crossed with an umeboshi (pickled plum) because they are pickled in ume vinegar. I am in salty/sour heaven right now!


Along with the onigiri, the bento has beef stir fry, a simple salad, and plum and pluot wedges.

Have you had preserved sakura before? Or sakura mochi? What is your favorite sakura dish? I’m also thinking of making a salad dressing with them, do you know of any recipes?

Happy Bento-ing!


Teriyaki chicken skewers and onigiri (Bento #273)


Every year Bento & Co. holds a bento contest and this year it was worldwide! You could make a bento out of anything but it had to have at least two onigiri. All in all there were over 200 entries! The top 10 were chosen and now they’re up for vote! If you get a minute go and cast your vote :).

I entered this teriyaki chicken bento but was not chosen as a top 10 finalist. The entries that they chose are amazing and they definitely made the right choices. I was blown away by the quality of the bento photos submitted! Wow! Next year... it’s all about next year ^_^ I’ve got to step up my game! But, in the meantime, I now have a gorgeous bento to share with you guys! Yay!

Along with the teriyaki chicken I have two onigiri (one stuffed with miso and the other with umeboshi), green onion tamagoyaki, cheese, multi-colored radish slices, cherries, cucumber, tomatoes, sugar snaps, broccoli, and a carrot flower.

Happy Bento-ing!


First in-flight bento (Bento #122)

Well, I made it to Baltimore! I can’t believe I actually managed to get all of my stuff done before-hand but I made it.

I even managed to make my first ever in-flight bento. I saved this blueberry container a few weeks ago in anticipation, and I’m glad I did, it was perfect for the plane.

I didn’t have any lettuce so I lined it with plastic wrap to cover the holes. I also packed it tight enough that it sat sideways in my bag without anything getting jostled around.

I had 2 triangle onigiri, a pickled plum, a little ball of miso, red and yellow sweet peppers, green beans, parmesan cheese, and blueberries. Delish!

I’m going to try to find some time to eat at some cool places and have a few adventures while in Baltimore, so stay tuned. In the meantime have a great weekend and great week to come!

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The bento that shouldn't be mine (Bento #90)

I made this bento for hubby before he got home last night so that I could get it out of the way. Then he gets home and says he doesn’t need lunch today. *sigh* I was going to make mine this morning but I had to take his instead. I’m not a big meatball fan but I’ll choke them down ;)

The meatballs are drizzled with tonkatsu and paired with my first ever yaki onigiri! I hand formed rice patties and grilled them on the stove, they’re pretty good too (I ate one of the extras last night). Since this is now my bento I threw an ume in there this morning before I left the house.

The other tier has a sliced plum, steamed sweet potato, and seaweed salad.

This time, instead of having a tiny bit of a lot of stuff I have a good portion of a few things. It’s not super pretty but it will be tasty.

Guess what? I made an Ohayo Bento fan page on Facebook!!!! Yay! If you’re on Facebook come and “like” me here...

FaceBook Page

I hope I linked to the right thing! If not, let me know.

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Bear onigiri and dumpling (Bento #79)

I’ve been wanting to use these bear rice molds since I got them in the store! I love them!!! They work so good, just pile in the rice, push it down with the little plunger, and voila .... bear onigiri!

I wanted the bears to be a little bit brown and I didn’t have brown rice, so I cooked them with beef bouillon. It added a lot of flavor as well. The face decorations are punched from nori using a regular circle hole punch, a spiral punch, and 2 sizes of heart punches. The ears are half of a heart and the mouth is the outermost portion of the spiral. Since I don’t have nori face punches, I have to make do with the scrapbooking punches that I have. I don’t think they turned out too bad though. :)

The rest of the bento has apples, pomegranate seeds, steamed carrot sticks, steamed pork dumplings, an ume, and some seaweed salad. Can’t live without my seaweed salad. :)

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#ProjectPink #ThinkPink (Bento #63)

I am so excited about this bento. All of the fantastic bento artists on Twitter are organizing a Breast Cancer Awareness Bento movement. I’m honored to be able to be a part of it (if you are on Twitter check out the #ThinkPink and #ProjectPink hashtags). If you are interested in contributing an awareness bento photo to be auctioned for charity please see this site.

So, the bento includes an onigiri decorated with the pink part of kamaboko (fish cake). Along with the onigiri I have 3 octo-sausages, 2 mozzarella-salami rolls, steamed green beans, mushrooms, nectarine slices, and some strawberry pocky.

I hope to see a lot of you contribute to the “Bento for a Cause” :)

I also added this one to What’s for Lunch Wednesday!

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Prosciutto wrapped onigiri (Bento #55)

Mmmmmmm.... I can’t wait for lunch today. I made brown rice onigiri using my cylinder rice molds, then wrapped them with prosciutto and pan seared them to make them crispy. I made 4 but only 3 would fit in the box. I had to eat the fourth one for breakfast, oh darn. :)

Thanks to my friend Erin I have now also become addicted to these garlic/dill cheese curds, they are fantastic! I have a whole big pile of them in the top tier along with apples, a fig, tomatoes, and celery.

I’ve decided that we are all going to have a fantastic week this week! :)

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Happy Bento-ing!