Quinoa bento and whoopie pies (Bento #281)


I really need to cook quinoa more often, I love this stuff! This batch has white, black, and red quinoa and I cooked it in the rice cooker with a bit of Vegeta for seasoning. It’s topped it off with some bulgogi marinated beef with onions, carrots, and asparagus stems.

After cutting the carrots into sakura shapes and cutting the asparagus to fit in the box, I chopped up the stems and cut-out leftovers and added them to the beef. It worked out perfectly so that I didn’t waste any food. The rest of the bento is just cherries, tomatoes, cucumber, and a hard boiled egg.

Other than making a bento, the majority of my Sunday afternoon was spent making chocolate toffee whoopie pies. The cookies are chocolate and the filling is toffee buttercream.


Oh my! This might be the best dessert I’ve ever made! The cookie turned out moist and chewy like the cookies on an ice cream sandwich. And, I discovered that if you mix fresh homemade buttercream with soft gooey toffee, it turns into something magical. Heart stopping, knee weakening, unbelievably magical.

I used this whoopie pie recipe for the cookie part (minus the mint, these were just plain chocolate). I chose it because it didn’t call for shortening, which I didn’t have. The filling was made with a simple vanilla buttercream (butter, confectioners sugar, vanilla, and a dash of milk) mixed with toffee. I cheated on the toffee and made use of the handy sweetened condensed milk trick. Did you know that if you boil an unopened can of sweetened condensed milk for 3 hours it turns into toffee? Yeah, it’s a total cheat but it tastes great!

I’m off to eat some whoopies!

Happy Bento-ing!


May Foodie Penpals and a quinoa pasta bento (Bento #266)

It’s time to finally get to reveal the amazing Foodie Penpals package I received this month! This is my second month participating in FPP and I’m loving it. Each month you get paired up with wonderful foodies and exchange foodie gift boxes. What could be better? If you want to participate next month, you need to sign up by June 4th.

This month I was unbelievably lucky to be sent a box from Sylvia from Frolic Through Life. She said that she loves quinoa and wanted to do a quinoa themed box. Oh my heaven! She didn’t just send me quinoa. She sent me four fantastic foods made with quinoa! I had no idea these items even existed.


I mean, wow! Where do I start? Hubs and I immediately ripped into the quinoa clusters. They’re fabulous! The chocolate didn’t last long either, lol! The thin cakes tasted a lot like plain rice cakes. I ate them with the nut butters as afternoon snacks. Everything in this box was good. I was spoiled!


I’m definitely going to be getting more of these great quinoa products. This is why I love FPP!

I was so excited to try the pasta that I made it the same night my package came. Patience? What patience? I don’t even know what that word means. ;) While the quinoa pasta was cooking I sauteed onions, mushrooms, carrots, garlic, and snow peas. Once it was all finished, I tossed it all together with fresh cracked pepper.


The pasta has the texture of the whole wheat pastas I’ve tried and it was good! I dearly love vegee pasta and this hit the spot. For lunch the next day I packed it with a grilled pork chop, Korean melon slices, cheese, and a kiwi and blueberry fruit salad. Looking at this picture makes me wish I still had some.

If you’re interested, hop on over to Carrie at Family Fitness Food to see what I sent her.

Happy Bento-ing!


Quinoa guacamole and salmon (Bento #240)

It was supposed to be a gorgeous quinoa salad with chunks of fresh firm avocado, tomatillos, tomatoes, lime, and papaya. But, my avocado was a lot riper than I thought, so instead it’s a quinoa guacamole! :) I pretended to Hubs that I did it on purpose, tee hee hee.

Along with the quinoa we had pan seared mojo salmon and mushroom couscous. I filled out the leftovers with the usual fixings of fruit and fresh vegees.

Stinker was very happy we had salmon last night, lol. I told you, spoiled kitten!

Happy Bento-ing!

Quinoa trials (Bento #181)

I finally managed to get myself some quinoa! I’ve had it at restaurants before but this is the first time I’ve cooked it for myself. To make it nice and flavorful I cooked it in vegetable broth then tossed it with some aged parmesan and a little bit of plum flavored sesame seeds. Delish! It’s a nice change from rice and has a great texture.

We had friends over on Saturday and I made cheese-steak sandwiches out of shaved top sirloin. They were really tasty, and I used up the last little bit in today’s bento. Everything else is pretty self-explanatory.

I’m excited but stressed all at the same time. They finished building our new Physics building and we get to move in! Yay! The bad part is that we have to move the lab. Boo! The big equipment movers are coming tomorrow and today is my last day to finish up the teeny tiny bit of data that I need for my second paper. Otherwise it’s going to be a couple of weeks before I can start working on it again. So, of course, the AFM refuses to cooperate, lol.

To top it all off, Stinker managed to get worms. Poor baby! She doesn’t spend much time outside but I did spot a flea on her last week, haven’t seen him since though. Last night we found out about the worm issue. So she’s off to the vet today to get some help. It shouldn’t be a big deal but it still makes me worry.

Here’s hoping for an abundance of data, tasty food, and a healthy kitty.

Happy Bento-ing!