Taco soup and the poor crow (Bento #209)

What’s my favorite thing to cook when I don’t really feel like cooking? Taco soup! This one is a bit different though because I used kielbasa instead of ground meat. The reason I love it is that is so easy to make and always seems to hit the spot. This time I sauteed the sausage and onions, added a little water and a taco seasoning packet, two cans of diced tomatoes, a bag of frozen mixed vegetables, and a can of garbanzo beans. Then just let it simmer until the flavors come together.

For bento packing I put down a layer of rice and spooned the bits from the soup on top with just enough of the liquid to flavor the rice underneath. See that giant tub of spicy hummus with sesame seeds? Well, it was supposed to go with the little container of pita chips that I left on the kitchen counter this morning, lol. I ended up eating it with the cucumbers and tomato though, so it didn’t go to waste.

I decorated my desk at school for Halloween and decided that I was in need of a crow to sit above my cubicle and watch the rest of the room. Before I could take it to work Stinker kitty went inside a big paper bag, pulled out the plastic bag with the crow, got the crow out of the bag, and proceeded to kill it for me. I’m sure she thought she was doing me a favor so how could I be angry? Plus, I think he even looks a little more Halloween appropriate now. :)

Happy Bento-ing!

Soup and sides (Bento #136)

The other day I enjoyed my miso soup lunch so much, that this morning miso soup was all that I wanted. I loved it so much, that this time, I made enough for two bowls.

The miso soup has the basics: tofu, miso, and green onion. But it also has some shredded cabbage and snow peas to shake things up a little. On the side I have an orange, mango, tomatoes, and snow peas.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Bento-ing!

Miso Soup (Bento #134)

Mils over at Not a Brown Bag made a miso soup bento the other day. What made it awesome was that she put all of the miso soup ingredients in a bento then added hot water when it was lunch time. I immediately fell in love with idea.

Hubs has a leftover baked savory apple from last night with all of the fixings so it wasn’t too interesting to look at. I wasn’t going to make myself a bento, but I started thinking about Mils’ miso soup and I couldn’t help myself! ^_^

I packed it in the 3-tier Sakura bento because I thought it was the perfect size to hold the miso soup ingredients. For the soup I have miso balls, tofu, and green onion. The vegee tier is pretty self-explanatory. The dessert tier is special though. It has mango (so excited about not having mango allergies!!!), grapes, and a little sweet treat I found at the market this weekend.

The treat is an ooey gooey chewy sweet rice cake with mung bean filling. YUM! The only problem is that it makes me want to make more almond butter mochi.

I have to ask for some advice. What do you think of the styling in the photo??? I’m trying to venture away from my white background comfort zone. I’d like to find a better light source too if you have any suggestions. I wish I could use the gorgeous Florida sun but I always make my bentos at night or early in the morning before the sun comes up :(

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Happy Bento-ing!