Ham wraps bento (Bento #351)


Sometimes, the simple, everyday foods can be the best. I made this ham wrap bento for my husband and he loved it. The wraps have black forest ham, romaine, arugula, green onion, cheddar, and a little mayo wrapped with a whole wheat tortilla. On the side, he had green olives, cucumbers, nectarine slices, and tomatoes.

When I left Japan, my amazing lab mates threw me a going away party. This Waseda University and Hello Kitty towel was one of the gifts they gave me. It’s so cute!

Today’s random Japan photo is from Nijo Castle in Kyoto.


The details on the outside of the castle are beautiful. I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of the highly polished gold and black in the front and the weathered wood and copper(?) in the back.

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Happy Bento-ing!


Ham wraps (Bento #338)


Every now and then, a Monday rolls around where my body and brain absolutely refuse to wake up. I think I need another Sunday :) I knew work would be miserable without bringing a bento so I forced myself out of bed and put this ‘no cook’ lunch together.

In the bento: ham and avocado wraps, a variety of home-grown tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, a baby portabello mushroom, mango, and some of the biggest blueberries I’ve ever seen! The blueberries are huge! And they’re sweet to boot. A couple of weeks ago I went to Wish Farms’ strawberry fields and they told us about their bluebbery farms and how big the berries were. I found these beauties in the grocery store this weekend and they weren’t exaggerating. Yum!

Maybe I’ll make blueberry pancakes for dinner tonight….. or I might take a nap ;)

Happy Bento-ing!


Little bit of cute (Bento #67)

I was in the mood, so I tried for a little bit of cute today. :) On top of the seaweed salad I made a little froggy dude out of fish cake and soy beans. He still looks like he needs cheeks and pupils, lol.

Since this box is so deep everything is resting on top of a layer of grapes to give it height, I also used a couple more to hold everything in place. The rest of the bento has green apple slices, rice with furikake, and turkey rolls. The rolls are made with sun dried tomato wraps, lettuce, cheddar cheese, and smoked turkey. Yum!

I really liked this bento, I can’t wait to eat today!

Don’t forget to check out the new products I have in the store. I can’t wait until payday this Friday so that I can get those sponges, they make me smile :)

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Happy bento-ing!